Surreal Editor Overview

Once you have confirmed that your website uses our Surreal content editor for DIY edits, you can log in by visiting:

You will be presented with a login screen to access your website’s files. You can log in using the email address and password that were provided to you when your DIY account was created. If you remember your email address, but have forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” link to have it reset.

Don’t remember your login email address or password? Contact our Edits team for more information!

Surreal Overview

If your account has permissions to edit more than one website, you will be presented with a page that allows you to choose which website you wish to edit. Otherwise, once logged in, you will be taken to the main administration page of your website. Across the top of the page, you will see the name of your website on the left, and four tabs on the right. The Sites tab is for the main administration page. The Help tab will allow you submit a request form if you have any questions; and you can use the Logout tab to log out of the website when your edits are complete. See below for more information regarding the Settings tab.

DIY Surreal-Surreal top bar.png

What would you like to do?

The section on the left offers a link to manage your website files, and another link that will take you to the live version of your website (the version that has been published and is visible to world).

DIY Surreal-Surreal left panel.png

Search and Page list

The section on the right side of the page starts with a Search bar that allows you to search for a specific page within your website. Below the Search bar is a list of all the pages that have content that can be edited with this DIY tool.  

Some of the content of your website may not be available for editing, due to copyright restrictions.

The name of each page in the page list is a link that, when clicked, will take you to the DIY editor for that page. Note that your pages are listed alphabetically, by the file name of the page, which may differ from the page name listed here.

DIY Surreal-Surreal page link.png


From the top of any page in Surreal, you can access the Settings tab. The Settings page is divided into two columns. The left side of the page contains your account information. From here you can update your Name, Email address, or the language you would prefer to use in Surreal.

The Language setting only affects which language is used in the Surreal editor; it does not affect the language used in the content of your website.

When you are finished updating your account information, simply click the Update button to save your changes.

DIY Surreal-Surreal account settings.png

You can use the Options section on the right side of the page to update your login password. Simply click on the Change button. This will launch a new window where you can change your password by completing the required fields. Please note that your password must be a minimum of eight characters in length. Once you are finished, click the Change Password button to save your new password.

DIY Surreal-Surreal password change.png

DIY Surreal-Surreal password change window.png

User accounts in Surreal can have different permissions, and access to different features. If you are logged in to your Surreal account and don’t see all the options described here, please give our Member Services team a call.

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Still have questions?

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