DIY Editing Introduction

Although your Sesame-designed website was tailor-made to suit your practice and the services you provide, we understand that the world changes ... and your practice changes with it.  

It’s important that your website remains as accurate and relevant as possible, and that often means changing the content on your existing webpages. We offer professional website editing services at a rate of $100 per hour of work, but for offices that have more technical know-how (or just a fearless desire to jump in), we offer Do It Yourself website editing.  

The pages in this section will help you to utilize your DIY editor to perform simple and intermediate edits to your website, so you can add or remove content to pages specific to your practice.  

Do It Yourself

We have two DIY editing platforms. The DIY editor you use will depend on the design product that you purchased, and when it was purchased. If you are unsure which DIY editor is right for you, enter your website domain name into the field below to find out.

Be sure to enter only the domain name by itself, and not the URL to your website. For example, enter and not

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